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The Dynamic Fluctuations in Oil Prices: The Role of Precious Metals, Oil Production, and Uncertainty Under the NARDL Framework Khalid M. Kisswani, Amjad M. Kisswani , Mohamed M. Mostafa
On the (a)Symmetric Link Between Exchange Rate Variability and Tourism Inflows: Recent Evidence from the ASEAN-5 Countries Khalid M. Kisswani, Michel Zaitouni , Amjad M. Kisswani
02 - 2020 Determinants of Capital Structure – Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries Evidence Maqsood I Qureshi
08 - 2019 Deal- to- Deal Marginal Efficiency Dynamics of Serial US Banking Acquirer Jamal Al‐Khasawneh
07 - 2019 Bankruptcy Prediction for Belgian Companies Using Machine Learning Techniques Shekar T. Shetty, Mohamed Musa
06 - 2019 Towards Minimizing the Impact of Changes using Search-Based Approach Bogdan Korel, Nada Almasri, Luay Tahat
05 - 2019 How Can Technology Support Education in War Nada Almasri, Luay Tahat, Laila Al Terkawai
04 - 2019 Model-Based Metrics to Estimate Maintainability Nada Almasri, Luay Tahat
03 - 2019 Conflicts of Interest, Information Quality and Management Decision Saeed Askary
02 - 2019 Artificial Intelligence and Reliability of Saeed Askary, Nasser Abu-Ghazaleh, Yasean A. Tahat
01 - 2019 Automatically Quantifying the Impact of a Change in Systems Nada Almasri, Luay Tahat, Bogdan Korel
03 - 2018 Sign- and size-related asymmetries in the transmission Alar Kein, Shekar T. Shetty
02 - 2018 FDI Inwards and Exchange Rate Volatility: Causality Evidence Mohammad I. Elian
01 - 2018 Revisiting the Effects of Oil price on Exchange Rate: Asymmetric Evidence from the ASEAN-5 Countries Khalid M. Kisswani
02 - 2017 Networking and Entrepreneurial Activity in Kuwait Antonis C Simintiras, Yusif M. Al-Hajji
01 - 2017 An index of scientific production over time Khaled Elmawazini