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Artificial Intelligence and Reliability of


Abstract. Producing relevant and reliable accounting information is the main responsibility of accounting profession. Reliability and relevance of accounting information heavily depend on a sound internal control system as well as management and employees ethical and integrity characteristics. This paper shows how Artificial Intelligence innovatively works with the internal controls systems to help managers to produce high-quality accounting information by reducing information risk. Despite many types of research proposed using Artificial Intelligence in accounting and auditing, but none of them directly showed how to reduce information risk using Artificial Intelligence. The research benefits companies cut many costs and losses of failing to produce reliable accounting information, help managers to make a better decision and in overall improve entities performances. This paper proposes a general model to be applied by all type of business entities how practically use Artificial Intel- ligence to automate removing the weakness of internal control systems. This, in turn, reduces control risk, detection risk and increase audit quality by reducing accounting information risk.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence · Accounting information Internal control systems · Reliability · Relevance

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